Oh, hi! I’m so glad you’re here. Let me introduce myself and explain what it is you’ll find on my little corner of the internet.


I use this space to write about lifestyle, personal development, mental health and self care, among a dash of other things, with a teenage perspective. I share my thoughts, feelings and experiences in hopes of inspiring, motivating or just being a “me too” for others. Essentially, I’m capturing my life in words and photos and documenting it here, to share what i am learning along the way.

This blog is a place for deep thoughts, encouraging messages, and how to live a beautiful life. I believe the world needs more authenticity, so as much as I intend to share the good, I do also want to share the not – so – good. While everything looks perfect on social media, its important to realise that travel destinations won’t look as perfect as they do in pictures, we’re not always as put together as our selfies would make us seem, and as much as we try, we can’t always live out the motivational quotes we post on our Instagrams.


I was born and raised in Cape Town, having lived there until I was 15. Then my family and I moved to the south of England, which is where I am currently. From a city by the sea, a warm climate, and family and friends surrounding me, to rural countryside, a cold climate and not knowing anyone – it’s fair to say that my life became the complete opposite of what it used to be! My perspective of the world shifted entirely, and adjusting to such a new life tested my personal strength, but I became a stronger person because of it, and having lived in both places has made me who I am today. I will always proudly identify as a ‘South African’ and cherish all of my memories there, but now in different ways I consider both places my “home.”

When I’m not blogging I can be found adventuring, reading, writing poems or stories, taking photos, playing guitar, cuddling my dog and trying to being creative in some way or other. I’ve always been a nature enthusiast and animal lover, and I strive to make a positive difference in this world. I think we should all try to protect this beautiful earth, and spread kindness in a world that is too often cruel. I am considering becoming a lawyer of some sort when I am older, alongside blogging of course.

I believe that beautiful and meaningful moments appear around us every day, and that it’s just up to us to notice them. Because although it took me years of learning to realise, life truly is beautiful. This blog is about creating your dream life as much as it is about appreciating everything that your life already has to offer.

With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?

I’m the type of person who makes wishes at 11:11, writes in a diary and genuinely smells flowers. Despite my age, I still pretend to be a mermaid when I swim or that I’m a princess when put on a pretty dress. All I can say is that I find life more fun this way!

I am an INFJ – which, for those of you who don’t know, is a personality type. To sum it up, it basically means I think deeply and feel emotions intensely. Because of the rarity of my personality type, I’ve always had a little part of me that’s felt different from other people. But with time, I’ve come to realise that my sensitivity is a strength, and that there’s nothing wrong with being different. In fact, it can be a good thing.

You know the main characters in the majority of the American high school movies? The quirky, quiet dorks, often unpopular and misunderstood, who end up becoming popular, confident and happy by the end of the movie? I’m one of those. I haven’t exactly reached that ending yet, but I’m working on it. I like to believe that your life is your own story, and you should consider yourself to be just like the main character in your own book or movie.


I’ve always been one of the “quiet girls” in class. I let that stupid label define me for so long. Self worth has never come easy to me. Being proud of who I am, expressing myself and becoming confident is a journey I am still on, and I want to share that journey as I know many others are on that same path.

After starting high school, I really began to struggle with my mental health, and for a long time I did so silently. While I now consider myself to be in a better place, it doesn’t take much to fall back on how I used to feel and cope. Moving abroad triggered those feelings of loneliness and unhappiness again as I struggled to adjust. But with time it got better, and now I finally feel like most days I can truthfully say, “I’m happy.” But it’s been a hell of a journey of self discovery, counselling and bumps in the road to get there.

My life is full of awkward and embarrassing moments. I wish I was just saying that to be relatable, buuuut it’s genuinely true. I’m guilty of saying “ya know, this would ONLY happen to me!” like moody teenagers in movies do. As long as I am still a teenager myself, I suppose that’s okay right?


I hope this has managed to convince you that it might be worth sticking around, because it sure took me a while to write! Here are some posts to get started. Lastly, thank you for reading, and I sure hope that you will visit again or subscribe to my email list to keep up to date with all my latest posts.